The Fontes de Paris Company

30 years of experience serving cities associated with a constant innovation process, allow Fontes de Paris to be always at the forefront in terms of street lighting and street furniture.

In order to minimize the impact on the environment while maintaining the quality and performance of its products, Fontes de Paris is developing its contemporary range by focusing on recyclable materials and clean technologies.

In a constantly changing sector, we have prioritized our responsiveness and a global response integrating both the technical, aesthetic, economic and environmental aspects in a complete support of our design offices and sales teams.

Our design office and our sales team will provide you with an answer integrating the latest technological and environmental developments (LED system, power control …).

The choice of simple lines and sleek designs gives the products of the contemporary collection an optimal integration in the most varied sites, also extending their uniqueness while delivering the most appropriate lighting solution.

While maintaining over the years its human dimension, the company Fontes de Paris is present throughout the French territory, but also throughout the world (Europe, Maghreb countries, Russia …) where its image and values ​​are synonymous with quality and of satisfaction.